PT. Delore Selaras Abadi, better known by Piar Consulting stood since May 1, 2011. Piar Consulting has a vision to become a Public Relations Consultant who can help our clients to shape and communicate the personality of the corporation and brand suited to their target audience. Our mission carried by a bunch of passionate people that work as one solid team.

Piar Consulting mission is to be globally recognized as the leading local PR Agency that implement international standard service in the field of Public Relations. A creative professional PR Agency, as well as being valued as a place where young people can learn and know about the ethics and professionalism in public relations. We are highly promote personal and professional growth and creativity. We demonstrate a fun yet effective way to do Public Relations Campaign and creative problem solving. And finally, we are committed to be the best.

The idea of Piar Consulting is based on a clear and simple ethos of how Public Relations campaign should be rolled out with a Single Key Message. We want to deliver your message clearly, concisely, with the minimum of fuss, but with the maximum impact, because your target audience should not be confused with a lot of messages.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.
– Daniel J. Boorstin


At The Beginning
Piar Consulting established in mid of 2011 founded by Lolo Sianipar who started the company because one of her ex-multinational client believed she can do better by herself than working in a big agency. They specifically asked her to open her own PR Agency, which in the time she wasn’t believe she can do. She took the leap of faith (because the client kept pushing) and open the PR Agency, hiring only one Account Executive to be called a team. She came up with the name PIAR, because she promised to herself that the agency will stay true to its name, straightforward, and never over-promise. With the never ending support from her surrounding: the (satisfied) clients, the kindhearted media friends, and the generous colleagues who keep spreading word of mouth as recommendations, PIAR Consulting able to go through the end of 2011 with flying colors in terms of revenue, and more than 35 PR events.
Along The Way
As the years passed by and the revenue grow double the year before for 2 consecutive year, Piar Consulting knew that even thou it already well-established but it has to improve itself as consultant. Lucky that along the year Piar Consulting able to broaden the service by working for clients from cross industries, from sports brand and events, food and beverage, startup companies, banking, broadcast channels, and many more and build a long list of best practice in terms of PR Value. Not only build and extensive portfolio, Piar also maintain their good relations with media as we are truly understand the biggest and most valuable asset in the field of Public Relations is a great relationship with media from all level, from managing director to editors to journalist and photographer, and many more.
Now Piar Consulting has grown with more than 200 PR events handled in 3 years, more than 25 clients from cross industries, significant growth in team structures and numbers, and of course a nice homey office. And with a solid teamwork and a consistent Standard Operational Procedure that Piar Consulting implementing in the company, we can handle client’s projects even more efficiently and effectively without any compromising to the quality of the service and we will always striving to be the best as local agency.


As a small local PR Agency which is only focus on PR Services, but we have it in a complete range. From Public Relations strategic planning to editorial services. From a basic media relations to complete media analysis. From small PR event planning to grand media launching execution. From Start-Up or Company Launches, Product Launches, Brand Building, Reputation and Crisis Management, Media Monitoring, to Comprehensive Media Training.

Our comprehensive public relations services can be tailored to fit any Marketing situation.



With years of experience handling
PR Strategies, our commitment is
to serve our clients best, including
draw up deep insight innovative
fresh idea, discuss with client until
meet the best solution and of course execute the idea
into the outstanding result.



We brew up fresh and fascinating
idea to line up the right target
audience. We create impressive
events which bring people to involve
those event.



We do Media Monitoring, including
digital, printed media, TV and radio
with various clipping source based
on professional standard report
to adjust clients’ needs. Not only
monitoring, this service can also be
called as media analyst, providing
quantitative and qualitative data
analysis with high credibility.



A professional well-knowledge of detail
media coverage in understanding accurate
segmentation is our expertise. We also
maintain excellent relationship with the
media to provide better option to our



We are help to solve of our client’s digital media assets business and marketing problems and to develop execution and performance using digital technologies into one actionable plan.



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We pride ourselves on our pro-active approach and the ability to offer creative PR solutions.

We passionately believe in what we do but never forget to have fun while we do it.

We work with our clients as one team, helping to determine strategic and tactical direction.

A growing client list across range of industry sectors in testament of our abilities.

As an extension of your Public Relations team (if you have one) or your Marketing team we will act as a sounding board for any ideas, challenges or to provide insight into new initiatives.

We welcome client to measure our success through Return of Investment (ROI)

We have proven track record of delivery successful PR initiatives.