Jakarta, September 16th 2018 Pristine 8+ Floating Yoga together with the Yoga community is a manifestation of the vision that Pristine 8+ has, inviting the Indonesian people to live healthy by neutralizing the acid in the body. Pristine 8+ containing pH 8+ can neutralize acid in the body due to unhealthy lifestyle and food intake. Photo [...]
Jakarta, July 3rd 2018 Hutchinson's co GSM operator, 3 (Tri) Indonesia launched #BayarPakaiPulsaTri program for millenials. With Tri, millenials can buy apps or digital content without credit card but by deducting their Tri's credit. To support this campaign, Tri collaborated with Google Play Store. Some apps that millenials can pay with Tri's credit such as Joox, Spotify, [...]
Bandung, May 31th 2018 After being successful last year, POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon is back. POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon 2018 will be hold in Bandung, on July 22. The tickets sold out only two days and there are 8.000 runners will be running on this event.  There are four category of [...]