Jakarta, September 27th 2017

Jakarta, September 27, 2017 – Talking about money is not taboo. The value is what is believed by PermataBank, delivered on the celebration of PermataBank’s 15th Birthday, on Wednesday, September 27, at Suasana Restaurant, Jakarta. In this event, PermataBank also initiated the #BICARAUANG movement that invites the public to be more open and concerned about the financial problems they face in the family, because money turns out to be one of the taboo things to talk about in the family.

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Jakarta, September 26th 2017

Jakarta, September 26, 2017. Commitment to deliver the best service to customers continues to be done by PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata). Together with Yonder Music Indonesia, XL Axiata presents the best free streaming service for all XL subscribers via Internet data connection on 3G and 4G networks, without interruption of advertisements or other paid services.

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Jakarta, September 20th 2017

Taking place at PermataBank Office Tower, WTC 2 Building, PermataBank today holds a financial Media Klinik together with selected media, to discuss the importance for Indonesian families to start #BicaraUang. This activity is also evidence of PermataBank’s commitment as one of the national banks that support the Indonesian financial literacy movement. This MediaKlinik is a series of events for the #BICARAUANG movement, which through this movement, PermataBank is determined to break the miss perception of money in our social society, to provide a holistic understanding of finances for Indonesian families.

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Jakarta, September 11th 2017

Seeing the development, the digital world now has its own place in our lifestyle, especially in urban daily life. Starting from E-Commerce trend that allows everyone to used online shop until the trend of online transportation is an alternative mode of transportation today, where all of these things are intended to provide convenience in life. Changes in lifestyle and consumer behavior has also encouraged the increase in the use of digital devices because it is more time-saving, cost and can be done anywhere. With over 104 million internet users have made Indonesia the 3rd country in Asia Pacific the most internet users. *

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Jakarta, September 10th 2017

Mesa Race for PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) on Sunday, 10 September 2017, held the first run event of Danamon Run at Pantai Festival, Ancol Taman Impian, North Jakarta with over 3,900 participants and 29 running communities from Jakarta and other cities. Danamon Run comes with different concept and first introduced in Indonesia, where participants can decide for themselves the finish distance at the start and while running.

Danamon Run opens the opportunity for participants to run as individuals or groups. Options ranging from the finish offer is offered from 3 Km, 5 Km, 7 Km, 10 Km to 15 Km. All of the finishing options are valid for all runners, including novice or professional runners. At the end of the contest the participants will also get a medal at any distance achieved and compete for prizes worth more than Rp 400 million.

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Jakarta, August 3rd 2017

JAKARTA – Making millions of Indonesian families financially literate and have a full understanding of the wealth is PermataBank dedication to the community. Entering the 4th year of Wealth Wisdom event, PermataBank is innovating again with the theme “3 Seasons of Wealth”. Wealth Management Conference is held on 2-3 August 2017, held at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta.

From birth till past away, humans face several seasons of life. Each season of life has its own challenges and priorities, including financial and happiness. Dr. Thomas Armstrong divided the population into 3 groups viewed from their financial needs as well as their perspective on the meaning of wealth. The groups are: Millennial, Dreamer and Legacy.

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Jakarta, July 12th 2017

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) today announced the “Danamon Run” run which will be held on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Danamon Run will commence at 05.30 WIB at Pantai Festival, Ancol Taman Impian, North Jakarta. Registration has been opened from May 2017 and received a positive response from the community and the sport community run in Indonesia, supported by the unique concept of other running events.

The concept that Danamon Run carried was the first in Indonesia, where the runner held full control of his runs by being able to determine the finish distance at the start of the race. The finishing options offered by Danamon Run start from 3 Km, 5 Km, 7 Km, 10 Km and 15 Km. The five finish options are open to a wide range of people, ranging from novice runners to those who have often joined the race, both family and running communities. Participants can also run as individual or group runners. This run event opens a limited enrollment opportunity for only 3,500 runners. The total prize contested in Danamon Run is more than Rp 400 million.

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Jakarta, May 24th 2017

Continuing innovation #Shopalogic PermataKartuKredit, PermataBank announces the latest promotion program for Indonesian family that is #JajanWiken. The launch of this program is consistent with PermataBank’s commitment to provide the best for its customers especially helping customers to have a healthy lifestyle and stay logic. The program announcement was made today at McDonald’s Restaurant, one of PermataBank’s partnership.

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Bandung, May 19th 2017

Today, 1st UNIQLO Store located in 23 Paskal Shopping Center fl.2, Paskal Hyper Square, JL Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27, is finally open for public. On this opening date, there are more than 250 people from Bandung, who already queueing for this opening since the early morning, because they are very excited with the opening of UNIQLO Store.

In this store opening, UNIQLO Indonesia Representative, Tanaka Michiaki, leads the ceremonial ribbon cutting, to mark the store is open for public. In this ceremony, Yura Yunita and RInggo Agus Rahman, 2 very well known artist who are born in Bandung and very inspiring to the people in Bandung, also come and celebrate this store opening. Aside from them, Yudi Andhika, the local artist from Bandung, and Sandy Suryadi the owner of Sejiwa café, who are the local colaborater who works together with UNIQLO in this opening store, also participate in the ribbon cutting.

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Bandung, May 18th 2017

Bandung, May 18, 2017 – UNIQLO, the global casual apparel retailer from Japan, will open its first store in Bandung at 23 Paskal Shopping Center on May 19, 2017. The new UNIQLO store will bring a range of its innovative and high-quality wardrobe staples for men, women and kids for customers in Bandung, and, for the first time in Indonesia, present a special corner and display for the local community.

“We are honored and excited for opening our first store in Bandung”, said Michiaki Tanaka, UNIQLO Indonesia Co-COO, “UNIQLO has been receiving warm welcome from Indonesian customers since we came to Indonesia in 2013, and we are happy to introduce our LifeWear – innovative, high-quality clothing that is universal in design and comfort and made for everyone, everywhere – as well as our exceptional customer service to Bandung customers”.

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