Jakarta, March 11th 2019 Indonesia's legendary rapper, Iwa K, launched a collaborative hip-hop single with the title "Beda". This collaboration project was born from the idealism of each party involved to produce a song that brings positive messages to the community. Manna Records itself is a new record label company present in the Indonesian music scene. [...]
Jakarta, March 4th 2019 Tiket.com signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism as an official government partner, both parties launched the Wonderful Indonesia #tiket program. The signing of #tiketWonderfulIndonesia was conducted by Gaery Undarsa as Tiket.com Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer with Rizki Handayani Mustafa, as Deputy of Marketing Development I, Ministry [...]
Jakarta, February 22nd 2019 Today AirAsia launched the latest card dedicated to an Indonesian traveler, for the first time introduced the AirAsia Platinum Credit Card and AirAsia Debit Card, the result of collaboration with a leading local bank, PermataBank. Located at KAUM Jakarta, the collaboration between PermataBank and AirAsia was launched in conjunction with the #PulangPergiHappy [...]
Jakarta, February 21st 2019 Tiket.com is a pioneer of Online Travel Agents in Indonesia who wants to facilitate travel around the world easily. Not only for holidays, Tiket.com also wants to make it easy for those who want to return to their hometown on Lebaran day. Together with PT KAI, Tiket.com works together to start marketing [...]
Jakarta, January 25th 2019 PermataBank held The Power of PermataMobile X which took place at InterContinental, Pondok Indah, Jakarta and was attended by PermataBank's board of directors and talented celebrities as Ambassadors from PermataMobile X who are members of PermataMobile X - The X Team. This event presents PermataMobile X as a Super App for [...]
Jakarta, January 17th 2019 Tiket.com as the Pioneer Online Ticket Agent in Indonesia, recorded very rapid progress in 2018. This progress can be seen from various aspects, starting from the number of product transactions such as aircraft and hotels. Overall, during 2018, Tiket.com experienced a growth of 250% with the increase in the number of [...]
Jakarta, December 19th 2018 The Pocari Sweat Dance Cover Competition has been held since November 1 - December 13 2018. The enthusiasm of young people can be seen from the number of video submissions, during that period thousands of videos from all over Indonesia were uploaded by the participants. Teams consisting of young people who [...]
Solo, November 13th 2018 The 2018 POCARI SWEAT Grand Final Futsal Championship which has entered its 9th year. This Final Round lasts for three days starting from November 16-18 2018. Themed "Be The Next Athlete" the biggest high school level futsal competition in the country has successfully filtered out 897 registered teams to 19 best [...]