ALODOKTER, Super App Health, Number 1 in Indonesia

Jakarta, April 25th 2019

ALODOKTER is the number 1 super health app in Indonesia that is accessed by more than 20 million active users every month. This application connects patients with more than 20,000 doctors digitally. Located at the ALODOKTER Office, Satrio Tower Building, ALODOKTER held a Media Lunch event to introduce ALODOKTER as a super health app. Attended by Suci Arumsari, ALODOKTER’s Co-Founder & Director who further explained about the great vision of ALODOKTER.



Tim terbaik Alodokter

Foto bersama Ibu Suci Arumsari bersama dengan rekan media dalam acara Media Intimate Lunch with Alodokter session

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