Cimory Yolite C+ Combines the Goodness of Yogurt and Vitamin C for an Optimal Healthy Body

Group photo (Left-Right) Mr. Arjoso Wisanto (Business Unit Manager of PT. Cimory Mountain Dairy), Mr. Eno Suwana (Business Unit Manager of PT. Cimory Mountain Dairy), Mr. Francisco Ortega (CFO of PT. Cisarua Mountain Dairy), Dr. Haekal Anshari (Nutritionist), Marsha Aruan (Celebrity), Mr. Farell Sutantio as Director of PT Cisarua Dairy Mountain (Cimory), Sheila Aryyani (Cimory’s Senior Brand Manager), Chef Yeni Ismayani

Jakarta, September 19th 2019

Today at The Lounge XXI, Plaza Senayan, Cimory as the market leader of yogurt drink products in Indonesia introduces its latest yogurt drink, Cimory Yolite C +. This latest superior product has the advantage of being the first yogurt drink containing fresh cow’s milk, good bacteria, combined with vitamin C from fruit juice so that it can provide good health benefits for the body optimally. Also attending were Sheila Aryyani as Cimory’s Senior Brand Manager, Doctor Haekal Anshari (Nutritionist), and Marsha Aruan (Celebrity) who will explain more fully about Cimory Yolite C + and its benefits.

The fact is that milk consumption in Indonesia is still very low compared to most other countries in the world, which is only 16.5 liters / capita / year. It is well known to all of us that milk intake is very important for human growth and development from a young age to adulthood. Other facts also show that a large portion of Indonesian society is lactose intolerant, which makes most of Indonesian adults hesitate to consume milk.


Opening Speech dari Bapak Farell Sutantio selaku Direktur PT Cisarua Dairy Mountain (Cimory)

Chit-chat session together  Marsha Aruan (Celebrity), Dr. Haekal Anshari (Nutritionist) and Sheila Aryyani (Cimory’s Senior Brand Manager)

Demo “Make Your Own YoliteC+” with Chef Yeni Ismayani.



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