Wealth Wisdom 2019 : Achieve a Rich, Meaningful & Essential Life

from left to right –  Glenn Ranti as PermataBank Head of Marketing Communications, Lisa Samadikun as Yoga Instructure and Co-Founder of  Jeda Wellness, Adjie Santosoputro as Emotional Healing & Mindfulness Expert, Susan Bachtiar as Celebrity, Djumariah Tenteram as PermataBank Retail Banking Director, Sarjito as Deputy of Consumerism, Education and Consumer Protection of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Dhien Tjahajani as PermataBank Compliance Director.

Jakarta, August 13th 2019

Wealth Wisdom 2019: Mindfully Wealthy in 21st Century presents comprehensive and educative classes to convey a variety of messages related to mindfulness that are expected to increase the wealth of real life. There are more than 39 inspiring class sessions, 7 workshops, music performance and movie screening with more than 70 well-known speakers who will give presentations and current issues often faced by metropolitan communities through sharing their knowledge and experiences. Some of the speakers who will be filling 2019 Wealth Wisdom classes are; Nadya Hutagalung, Reza Gunawan, Axton Salim, Desi Anwar, and James.


The guest speaker conducted a chit-chat session at the 2019 Wealth Wisdom Press Conference Yoga session with Lisa Samadikun from Jeda Wellness

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