5 Cellular Operators Are Ready to Speed up implementation of Mobile Broadband Service Through 4G LTE

Banjarmasin, July 11th 2015

The Government through ministry of communications and information technology has launched various programs within reach the target broadband access service to the community. This is meant to broadband service to provide more maximal benefit to the public by availability and access speed adequate data along with the trend growth data access needs for comunity. One of them is by frequency arrangement in radio frequency band 1800 MHz and that each 800 Mhz each frequency allocation operator has side-by-side that sufficient in providing broadband access move more optimal. This arrangement began in stages and operator immediately implement the technology LTE broadband access service as a technology that can be enjoyed by the community.

Technology implementation LTE In addition, Ministry of communications and information technology also encourages the operator to build digital ecosystem which covers application service that give benefit to the society such as assistance services health information, services for fishermen, application service for young people, application service books, digital services multimedia applications and others.

President Director Tri, Randeep Singh Sekhon said, “A pride and honor for us to be part in joint declaration to 4G technology presented with their ecosystems in Indonesia. The Declaration was in line with our ambition to make Indonesia in line with other developed countries through availability infrastructure broadband reliable and internet access quickly. It is expected that this initiative resources can improve the quality of Indonesian people to become better from all aspects of life.”

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