FOX Sports Welcoming Bundesliga “BUNDESFEST”

Jakarta, August 12  2015

FOX Sports as a selected sports channel, are adding another best sports program into our portfolio with having an exclusive broadcasting rights of the most interesting Germany’s export product, Bundesliga. In this season, FOX Sports will broadcasting every matches of the 52nd years old leagues, and totally FOX Sports are having an exclusive broadcasting rights of Bundesliga for the next 5 seasons. In welcoming Bundesliga on FOX Sports, FOX International Channels creates Bundesfest, that conducted at Lapangan Planet Futsal, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Bundesliga currently occupies the third position of the whole top football leagues in Europe, not far from the peak position which is still occupied by the English Premier League and Spanish League. This huge potential of the Bundesliga which is claimed as the healthiest League financially has been the Fox Sports’ main consideration in acquiring it’s broadcasting rights. The exciting and interesting games, the highest number of live audiences among other top football leagues in Europe, the attractive and energic actions of audiences, and the highest number of goals are the promising aspects to present football coverage epically. The opening match in season 2015/2016 will be started rolling on Saturday, 15th August 2015.

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