Jakarta Foodies Meet Goes International

Jakarta, October 24th 2015

To celebrate the success of its apartment project, Puri Orchard held Jakarta Foodies Meet for the second time. The festival was held in two weekends on October 24-25 and October 31 – November 1, 2015 at Puri Orchard Apartment at Jl. Raya Adicipta Kav. 8, Lingkar Luar Barat, Jakarta Barat. The culinary festival hold the theme of Eat Around the World in 4 Days. With tenants that serves food from around the world, visitors will be taken on a culinary journey around the world in only four days. There would be amusing entertainment such as Halloween Costume Party and spectacular Firework Party.

Puri Orchard, a product of apartment housing from Serenity Group, introduces its newest exclusive apartment named Magnolia Spring. After its two previous towers, Orange Grove and Cedar Heights, Magnolia Spring is Puri Orchard’s newest tower of exclusive apartment.

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