Pesan Makna Kekayaan Seutuhnya dari PermataBank lewat Wealth Wisdom: 3 Seasons of Wealth

Jakarta, August 3rd 2017

JAKARTA – Making millions of Indonesian families financially literate and have a full understanding of the wealth is PermataBank dedication to the community. Entering the 4th year of Wealth Wisdom event, PermataBank is innovating again with the theme “3 Seasons of Wealth”. Wealth Management Conference is held on 2-3 August 2017, held at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta.

From birth till past away, humans face several seasons of life. Each season of life has its own challenges and priorities, including financial and happiness. Dr. Thomas Armstrong divided the population into 3 groups viewed from their financial needs as well as their perspective on the meaning of wealth. The groups are: Millennial, Dreamer and Legacy.

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