Pre-Press Screening Breakthrough on National Geographic

Jakarta, November 5th 2015

National Geographic partners with General Electric to bring innovation to television in a series created by Imagine Entertainment and Asylum Entertainment, Breakthrough. Cooperating with Hollywood biggest names, Angela Basset, Peter Berg, Paul Giamatti, Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard and Brett Ratner, as their directors, Breakthrough aimed to reveal monumental moments of world-changing scientific discoveries. The series document stories of humans and technologies behind these discoveries.

The series consist of 6 episodes from 6 discoveries of various fields from fighting Ebola to water shortage. The episodes are Fighting Pandemics, More than Human, Decoding the Brain, How Long Can We Live, Energy of the Edge and Water Apocalypse. The series will air on National Geographic Channel in 440 million houses in 171 countries in 45 languages

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