Press Conference Lotte Kids Football Club

Jakarta, August 20th 2013

Today, located at The Ice Palace Lotte Avenue, Lotte launches a sport program for kids named “Lotte Kids FC”. The first episode of this football themed reality show will be airing on August 23rd at Trans7 from 10:30 WIB. For its first  season, there are 13 episodes that will be broadcasted. We produce this program with a great hope that it can facilitate children in Indonesia with talent on football to achieve their dream to become the future of Indonesian football.

The final selection process for this program has been held on August 2nd 2015 in form of mini soccer competition for kids aged 6-9 years old. The talented team who won it was Sang Timur Cakung Elementary School team, which makes them as the star of this reality show.  The target selections for this program are kids aged 6 – 9 years old, we targeted this age bracket because there already so many program for kids over 10 years old. Lotte see this as an opportunity to contribute on local development endowment, especially on football. We want to inspire kids and their parents about the important of process in achieving success and we feel that taking a reality show format will be an ideal platform to showcase it.

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