Press Screening Wayward Pines

Jakarta, May 12th 2015

Located at Cafe XXI Senayan, FOX International Channels today announced that they will present a new television series titled “Wayward Pines”. Wayward Pines’s first episode screening will be aired on FOX Channel May 15th, 2015 at 08:00 pm, in the same time with the premiere in the United States.

This TV series is based on a novel written by Blake Crouch “Pines”, developed by Chad Hodge and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Serial is predicted to be a featured series in this future FOX starring the Oscar nominees like Matt Dillon as the main character “Ethan Burke” an FBI agent, Juliette Lewis as the “Beverly” bartender and also Ethan’s friend and Terrence Howard as “Sheriff Arnold Paus “. Melissa Leo as well as an award winning an Oscar for best supporting actress role as “Pam” nurse at the Wayward Pines Hospital. Shyamalan’s presence as an executive producer also makes the mystery lovers around the world are curious about this series, moreover this is also a director of The Sixth Sense debut as an executive producer in a serial production on tv.

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