Manado, October 12th 2017

Today, Putri Sulamit Programme “Berarti Lewat Hati” officially introduce their second programme to public, in collaboration with Putri Sulamit North Sulawesi, Tria Divinity Malengsang, it is to build a reading room for children namely “Pasar Pustaka” at Karombasan Market, Manado, North Sulawesi. This place is a concrete form from Tria who have a dream to help unlucky children at Manado City and to redirect them from negative activity into positive activity.

In the World Education Ranking, Indonesia is the country that ranks 57th out of 65 countries in terms of education. The rank determines which country is best on reading, math, and science. In terms of quality of education, Indonesia ranks 69 out of 127 in the world based on Education for All (EFO) data released by UNESCO. This is what inspired Tria in initiating the programme “Pasar Pustaka”.

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