Bali, April 29th 2017

Today Putri Sulamit “Berarti Lewat Hati” program officially launched for public, brings 7 Indonesian women across country. These 7 women to be expected for the future will developed to inspire through their own creation. This Putri Sulamit program to be initiated and held for finding, build, and fully support to these Indonesian women, who has a noble heart to achieve their dream which focuses on social missions.

The 7 Putri Sulamit are: Akwilina Jeni (17) from Ngabang, A.A. Istri Putri Dwi Jayanti (20) from Denpasar, Nishada Warih Segara Muncar (21) from Surakarta, Poppy Indrawati (26) from Serang, Trya Divinity Malensang (20) from Manado, Duma Mariana Simanjuntak (20) from Medan, Yunita Alanda Monim (19) from Sentani.

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