#SayangUangnya Persembahan PermataTabungan Bebas – Hidup Kece Tanpa Jadi Kere

Jakarta, January 31st  2017

On this day, PermataBank as the bank continues to innovate for millions of Indonesian families returned to invite people to live a frugal lifestyle through #SayangUangnya movement.  In Portico Terrace & Bistro Senayan City, PermataBank would like to remind that #SayangUangnya not mean to be a super stingy that ultimately makes a person can not enjoy life, but are required to be more wise in managing money.

Spending money for basic living needs such as food, clothing is a natural thing. But there are also expenses called “Latte Factor”  – a small expenses for things that really are not necessary but it is done repeatedly. Such as buying coffee at the coffee shop outlets every day, buy new accessories every month. Even the “latte factor” is also present unconsciously in a bank account in the form of fees from various banking transactions. In fact, when it counted – counted, spending “latte factor” is quite large.

Based on the data PermataBank get, 9 out of 10 people spent more than Rp. 900,000 per month for the “latte factor”. This is in line with the results of a survey of “Share of Wallet” by Kadence International Indonesia that Indonesian people save on average only 8% of its income, where the remainder is used to meet the everyday needs including things such as “latte factor”.

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