Jakarta, April 5th 2016

Puri Orchard Apartment, an exclusive apartment located at CBD Puri Indah, had announced its Jakarta Funky Market @ Puri Orchard event play date which will be conducted at 9-10 and 16-17 of April 2016. This occasion of Jakarta Funky Market @ Puri Orchard will also be the main event of topping off celebration by one of this executive tower apartment.  Post its successful results from the earlier JFM 1 and JFM 2 events held a year ago by enhancing the aspect of culinary, Puri Orchard has introduced a whole new unique, more excitement, and more attractive concept into this event. Jakarta Funky Market @ Puri Orchard will present an ideal combination of, various amazing culinary meals, local products, attractive games and unique sets of attractive entertainment. All of which would be spread into 6 different concepts such as Downtown zone, Beach, Jungle, Village, Fun park and space.


This event which will be held for 2 straight weekends is meant to present an exciting weekend alternative activities for every citizens of Jakarta. Aside of the culinary expeditions and the availability of amazing products to be enjoyed with, Jakarta Funky Market @ Puri Orchard will also have LIVE Mermaid, all visitors will have the full access to take pictures with the mermaid and they will also be given the chance to swim together with the Mermaid, there’s also a flying experience, where all visitors could relieve the joyful sensation of flying and for the main event there will be a live attractions of the first ever Horizontal fireworks in Indonesia.

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