Youniquely BLANIK

Jakarta, April 19th 2016

Blanik, a local fashion brand that upholds every woman’s uniqueness, hold the launching of their site through an event themed as YOUniquely Blanik. The brand Blanik was born of a vision from Sugianto E. Sartono, Creative Director of Blanik, that sees the development of the fashion industry to be inversed with the freedom to express that should be possessed by today’s women. “I personally wish the launching of can be a milestone in the social movement of Indonesian fashion that support Indonesian women who are gifted with beauty and uniqueness to be more confident in expressing their own personal signature style. This has always been my principle whenever I am designing each of Blanik’s collection. In the future, I hope the various collection of Blanik can be more distributed online so that more Indonesian women can be more encouraged with the spirit of YOUniquely Blanik,” as said by Sugi who have been immersed in the fashion industry and garment production for more than 12 years.

Please visit for more information and to see the complete collection.

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