Skal International Jakarta Grand Relaunch

Jakarta, August 5th 2015

Located at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, SKAL International Jakarta held relaunch of their association. The aim of this event is to attract all tourism businesses around Jakarta to join and feel many benefits of joining as a member of SKAL International Jakarta. SKAL International Jakarta has mission to expand their networking in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and provide an opportunity for its members to compete fairly in the tourism industry.

Nowadays, the tourism business in Indonesia has increased from year to year, especially in our beloved capital, Jakarta. Infrastructure improvements performed by the government through the transportation development has proven its result. Department of Tourism DKI Jakarta showing there is growth of tourists who come to Jakarta, in comparison with the previous year. This is an indication that tourism industry in Jakarta has a huge potential. Beside it, tourism industry also created competition among tourism businesses. Therefore, the tourism businesses would need to maintain the quality of services in order to compete.

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