Vitalis Scentsational Star Press Launch

Jakarta, August 25th 2015

Unza Vitalis with brand Eau de Cologne (EdC) will be held an event Scentsational Star Press Launch to introduce 2 (two) latest fragrance product which is inspired by the aura of glamour with touch of luxury from Hollywood and Cannes. Vitalis Glam Star and Vitalis Celebrite completed a set of fragrance which previously consisted of; Diva, Femme Chic, Magnifique and Haute Couture.

In this event, Vitalis “Scentsational Star” is presenting a magnificent show. Mixed of elegant, luxurious and glamour, Vitalis personifying the fragrance variants through a beautiful models in wonderful dresses. Also participating in Scentsational Star Fashion Show to introduce 2 (two) latest fragrance product Vitalis Celebrite and Vitalis Glam Star are Indonesian’s popular celebrities,  Firrina Sinatrya and Maria Selena.

In addition to fashion show, Vitalis aslo providing Fragrance Corner with “Create Your Own Perfume” session where all the guests will be experienced in mixing their own perfume.

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