Yogyakarta, June 4th 2016

After the occurrence of an amazing concert Yonder Music All-Star Live that featured 17 famous music artists, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL) cooperated with Yonder Music, directly stunned Indonesia with XLYONDERFunkUpID program. Through this program Yonder and XL want to expand the realm of Digital Music services revolution into a larger scale, which is towards every citizens of Indonesia. Yonder Music with XL will be “dominating” Indonesia in 10 days with their famous artists, as a proof to their commitment on disclosing every music fans in Indonesia with their own favorite Music Idols.

In relevance to “Funk Up Indonesiaprogram, Afgansyah Reza will be present in Yogyakarta to spread out a spirit of Democratizing Indonesian Music to its loyal fans. Yogyakarta will be a huge stage for Afgansyah Reza, starting from obtaining the air waves by visiting famous radio stations, up to meeting up with her fans, and for certain shaking the city of Bogor through singing her amazing famous list of songs. Thus the timeline of the events that would be done by Afgasnyah while dominating the city of Yogyakarta also includes a Talk Show session with Yogyakarta prominent radio station, closing the gaps with her fans through meet and greet.

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