Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia is the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. As the central bank, Bank Indonesia has one single purpose, to achieve and maintain stability of the rupiah. The stability of the rupiah value contains two aspects, namely the stability of the currency for goods and services, as well as the stability of the currency of another country.

To achieve this goal it is supported by three pillars which are the three areas of its work. The third field of this task is to establish and implement monetary policy, regulate and maintain the operation of payment systems, as well as regulating and supervising banks in Indonesia. All three need to be integrated in order to achieve goals and maintain rupiah stability can be achieved effectively and efficiently. After the task of regulating and supervising banks transferred to the Financial Services Authority, BI tasks in regulating and supervising banks remain valid, but is focused on macro-prudential aspects of the banking system as a macro. BI also became the only institution that has the right to distribute the money in Indonesia.




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