Flight Experience

Flight Experience was the original flight simulator business to open the cockpit to the world. We are the world leader in flight simulation entertainment, and we now offer pilot training with simulators developed specifically for training schools and airlines.

Flight Experience™ has eleven operations in seven countries and will open two more in the USA and China in 2013. Our stores are on centrally located in capital city sites in Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), France (Paris), Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok) and Indonesia (Jakarta).

In 2011 we were approved as a Boeing ‘Official Licenced Product’ and we marked the end of the year by flying our 100,000th satisfied client. By the beginning of 2013 this had risen to over 120,000. We offer a professional service combined with an exciting experience that is not easily forgotten.

Flight Experience is owned by Pacific Simulators 2010 Limited, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although each store is individually owned and operated, Pacific Simulators is responsible for many aspects of the retail operations including manufacturing, maintenance, technical support, sales and marketing, recruitment, training and business development.




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