Ideosource is the right partner to grow most innovative and promising companies, and to support its entrepreneurial talents by turning ideas and existing products or services into solid and sustainable revenue generation business models which are fundamental for freestanding, mature organizations.

Ideosource provides equity finance to support a solid capital base for future growth to potential companies acting as business partner, sharing both the risks and rewards. In delivering the above objective , Ideosource relies on four pillars:

1. Mentorship
Bringing industrial expertise in helping enterprises improving their performance by analyzing their existing problems and developing an improvement plan and a viable proof-of-concept.

2. Strategic Partnership
Providing access to use intellectual properties, licenses, technology, and market that being needed by enterprises.

3. Incubato
A process of business enterprises development that will help enterprises on startup period by providing hands-on management assistance, business support, access to network, and shared office space.

4. Funding
Equity finance to fund capital investments and expenses associated with operation, marketing and product development.

Ideosource seeks companies and enterprises with the emphasis in online content, media, advertising, e-commerce, payment and supporting infrastructures in web and mobile technologies. And open to invest in seed money to support new idea, start-up for early stage firms that need funding for expenses associated with marketing and product developments, expansion investment to support a newly profitable companies, all the way to bridge financing intended to finance the “going public” process.