Mirai Ocha

Mirai Ocha is the first bottled traditional Japanese tea drinks in Indonesia made by using high quality tea leaves, that are treated through unique and different cultivating process from the general cultivation in Indonesia. As one of the unique process is evaporating the tea leaves that have been plucked to prevent oxidation, then the evaporated tea leaves will be massaged to make it softer and removes leaves astrigency. In addition to the unique process, Suntory as the largest beverage company in Japan that has been producing ocha products for more than 30 years, doing various businesses to be able to produce a product that is suitable for people who loves ocha in Indonesia.

Other characteristics of traditional Japanese tea Ocha, is the dregs of tea leaves will be seen if Ocha is not directly consumed or left for some time. Because Ocha did not go through extraction process that can ruin the taste of umami (savory) and a sense of sourness (catechins) as well as the quality of the product. In addition to the different products, Mirai Ocha also want to introduce aspects of Japanese culture through Ocha. Japanese people generally enjoy a wide variety or type of Ocha in life every day. So through Mirai Ocha, Indonesian society is expected to be able to feel this aspect of Japanese culture, anywhere and anytime.




Mirai Ocha Held “Laskar Mirai Ganbatte” Program

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