Wim cycle is one brand of bike are quite popular in Indonesia. Wim bike cycle itself is produced by PT. Wijaya Indonesia Makmur Bicycle Industries or also known as the WIM CYCLE. Until now, Wim Cycle bike brands have managed to master the bike market in Indonesia. Even bike brand has been successfully exported to various parts of the world.

Wim cycle bike was first exported in 1987. At that time, the export destination countries are Saudi Arabia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece, etc. Even Wim cycle made it into the list of products that are sold in large supermarket chains in Europe and America.

Type of bike brands Wim current cycle can we find in the market are: children bicycle (including bike character, such as princess, hotwheels, etc.), BMX, life style, MTB, Junior MTB, and 3-wheel bike for babies and children . Because all production processes carried out in Indonesia.




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