Menjadi yang pertama di Indonesia, PermataBank Luncurkan Voice ID, layanan inovatif yang mengadopsi teknologi Voice Biometrics.

Jakarta, March 8th 2018

In line with the increasing needs of customers for a simple, fast and reliable service, PermataBank introduced the innovative Voice ID service that adopts Voice Biometrics voice scanner technology, it is the first in Indonesia.

This voice-based authentication solution is performed when a customer makes a phone call via PermataTel (PermataBank Contact Center) where the system will validate the voice in a matter of 10 seconds. Thus, a verification process that previously took 2 minutes is now trimmed to 45 seconds without customers needing to answer so many troublesome questions.

Throughout 2017, PermataTel receives more than 2.3 million incoming calls, of which approximately 70% is served by PermataTel Officers, while the remainder is serviced by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) machines. The presence of Voice ID Service is certainly able to further improve the quality of services in PermataTel as customers do not need to answered a lot of difficult questions

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